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A family history

The Agricoltural Company Villa Clementina originates from the loving bond between a Grand Father, Professor Rossi de Rubeis, a gruff but lovable character and his little niece Alessandra who would spend hours in his office every summer confiding in him and seeking advice.

It sprang from the loving and visionary project of an enterprising Father, Alessandro Rossi de Rubeis, whose dream it was to covert the old farmhouse into a bed and breakfast and the annexed corn fields, into Glera vineyards, in the hopes of passing the business onto his daughters, including Alessandra.

The dream  became a reality and today Villa Clementina is run by Alessandra and her husband Luigi, and international top cruise manager. Inspired by their deep love for the place, they have settled into the family property in Veneto to give their four children the opportunity to grow up in an environment rich in natural beauty and adventure.

A remarkable place where tradition has been passed on for five generations, Villa Clementina is now in the capable hands of a modern and young couple, who are enthusiastically committed to making it bloom and grow, and to share its energy and magic with its guests from all over the world. 

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