Cradle of Prosecco D.O.C.G.
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In the heart of the Marca Trevigiana

Estate and vineyards

Conegliano is still described today as “the Pearl of Veneto” for the beauty of the city and natural scenery that surrounds it as well as to the parcels which have helped make it famous worldwide for Prosecco.

Villa Clementina is an integral part of this territory that each season acquires different colors and shades to give the look always new and intense emotions.

The estate with its fifteen hectares of vineyards contributes to honor the title “cradle of Prosecco D.O.C.G” that the territory of Conegliano has gained over the years, helped by a unique geographical location of its kind in conjunction with the work of expert wine makers.

Walking along the country hotel Villa Clementina will not be difficult to be enraptured by the beauty of the park, by the fragrance and colors of the beautiful rose bushes or the unexpected encounters with deer, squirrels, hares and many other animal species.

VILLA CLEMENTINA / opening early 2023

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